Now You Can Edit Faster and Produce Better Work

Now You Can Edit Faster and Produce Better Work

Editing Fast and Well

If you’re like me, when you’re editing, you like to get in the flow and stay there. Interruptions like a phone call, a knock on the door or waiting on rendering can be annoying. And they can cost you money!

Thankfully modern NLE systems like Final Cut Pro X work so MUCH faster today. So assuming you have a recent machine, rendering time is mostly off the table.

When I look at how much more efficiently I seem to be getting done with my work today, I’m pretty sure it’s not just the technical speed increase that’s making the difference.


My Secrets to a Better Edit

What seems to be happening to me as a Final Cut Pro X editor, is that my ability to focus on a new order of tasks has shifted in ways I never expected. In FCP X these include:

  • Keywording in the Event
  • Choosing in/out ranges carefully
  • Reusing Favorited Media across different Projects


I’ve moved a surprising amount of my edit decision making to EARLIER in the process. Today, when I set in and out points for keywording, I’m super mindful of how the points I’m setting will work when they come into my storylines.


Choosing In/Out Ranges

If i can set an in point at the precise moment I will “likely” want a shot to start – for example after an eye blink but before performer says the first word of their line – why not set that in prep? I can always change it later should I so choose.

But the way FCP X works, I can just as easily SAVE that thought at the moment I have it, via keywording. One tiny edit decision made even BEFORE I actually start my storyline.

Later on, when I call up that clip to add to my storyline, it pops in – already trimmed!

That times a hundred edits in a program, and my whole editing day is moving faster.

Reusing Favorited Media

Plus, lets say you want to use that same clip in another program? It’s already pre-trimmed and waiting. Do the work once, potentially get the benefits over and over again. That’s one hallmark of efficiency.

Go in a different direction and delete the scene? Then later change your mind and need it back in? The SAME pre-trimming is still there. Sweet.


Work Smarter and Faster

Tiny examples of the delight of the FCP X workflow. If you work smarter, sooner – that gets preserved so you can work faster, later.

Individually, these are very small things. No one will make much difference edit by edit. But FCP X has a LOT of these little things sprinkled around its unique workflow – all operating together to make the entirety of your editing faster and easier.

Editing before you edit? Works for me.

And these are the precise sorts of lessons we cover in XinTwo. Subscribe now and you’ll master this stuff too!


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